About Us



Created in 2008 by TONI BRANSON with the purpose of liberating and celebrating the TOMBOI culture through fashion. TONI was determined to create a safe space in fashion for the masculine identifying woman to exist. She wanted  STYLE IS FREEDOM to be the face of the TOMBOI culture and create a liberating message for the genderless fashion movement. The image of the TOMBOI needed to be redefined and liberated. Clothing is created to make you feel good, look good and bring you comfort. TONI defines a TOMBOI as a TALENTED ORIGINAL MOTIVATED BRILLIANT OUTSTANDING INDIVIDUAL and her motto is YOUR STYLE IS YOUR FREEDOM because its just that simple! 




We are a clothing brand that manufactures premium streetwear garments.  We aim to release 2-3 collections per year. All of our garments are made from premium fabrics as we take much pride in producing fine garments that will last a lifetime. We now offer custom embroidery services. You can email us at Info@StyleIsFreedom.com for more information.



When we made or first t-shirt in 2010, we created that shirt with the promise to always put quality first and provide all of our customers with a product that would last a lifetime! From our garments, to our hats and accessories, we aim to always give you the best quality product available with a satisfaction guarantee.


An extended commercial showcasing garments from our collections over the years as the models add their own personal flavor to their outfit letting their style be their freedom.